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July 5, 2011 / Rabbi Meir Wexler

ISTE Video Review

Here is a link to the video I recently viewed of an ISTE session on podcasting and mobile media for teaching and learning. The presentation, led by 3 apple distinguished educators, was centered around the question of ‘how does a teacher incorporate all these technology tools into meaningful learning?’

One of the first things I loved was right before they even presented any materials one of the speakers mentioned a ‘back channel’ on this site. The purpose was for attendees to offer feedback and questions in realtime on the web as the presenter was presenting. It may sound like a ‘duh’ moment to you but it was an ‘aha’ moment for me. I immediately set up my own back channel for one of my upcoming classes this fall.

The presentation itself was good. I think it one sense the presenters validated or helped me gauge where I am on the technology continuum. Most of the software or apps they showed I was familiar with (granted the presentation seemed to have an Apple bent to it) yet there were a few things that I was able to think about and realize how powerful and fun it would be to use in the classroom.

My favorite part was a clip they showed of a 2-year-old baby holding an iPad in his lap, and started navigating his iPad by swiping, scrolling, tapping, pressing, etc. It was really amazing to see how second nature it was the way this 2-year-old was navigating. He was painting a picture, inserting animals on the screen, scrolling to a part of an animated video to watch his favorite scene. The message was obvious as to where education is headed (if not there already) but still incredible to watch that baby do all these things on an iPad.  One other takeaway was the ISTE 2011 app I had downloaded to my iPhone. Although I could not attend the convention this year the app was useful in networking with presenters and seeing the who’s who of ed. tech.

There were some great lines as well like (and I will paraphrase) “everyone talks about 21st century learning and web 2.0, but we are already 11 years into the 21st century. We need to be thinking about web 3.0, what it will comprise and even be thinking of web 4.0” I really appreciated the visionary aspects of that quote and fully agree with the sentiment. I finished the video with lots of education thoughts and ideas bouncing around in my head and next steps questions. Time to share and discuss what I learned with my P.L.N.!


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